Dating bed bugs

However, by the 1950's, bed bugs had been all but eradicated in the developed world, thanks to the availability of new pest control products, coupled with the widespread use of vacuums and washing machines which helped to control the spread of infestations in living spaces.

Several factors led to the resurgence of bed bugs beginning in the late 1990's; increased international travel, more targeted pest control products and methods and a lack of public awareness about pest prevention methods.

The patent-pending formula is 10 times more powerful than many of their competitors, breaking apart bed bug DNA and preventing future infestations.

Many commercial hotels and hospital facilities use the Bed Bug Bully products to protect their guests and patients.

The rules of social engagement are changing, especially in the dating world.

Bed Bug Central’s entomologist Jeffrey White shares advice on how to enjoy dating while preventing bed bugs and paranoia.

Bed bugs have been a household pest issue for more than 3,300 years, dating back to ancient Egypt.

(March, 31, 2011)—Bed bugs may suck, but your love life doesn’t have to.Bed Bugs 101 is a great place to start for the basics.Know the signs of an infestation and bite symptoms: This can help you and your date identify risky situations sooner.“The fact is, when you are armed with good information, bed bugs should not negatively affect your social engagements.” Bed bugs may suck, but your love life doesn’t have to.As bed bugs continue to spread across the country, so is the fear of bringing this pest home.