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Women in Islam Versus Women in the Judaeo-Christian Tradition The Myth & The Reality Dr. Her answers reveal a lack of understanding about other people's faiths," declared Bernice Dubois of the World Movement of Mothers.

Sherif Abdel Azeem INTRODUCTION Five years ago, I read in the Toronto Star issue of July 3, 1990 an article titled "Islam is not alone in patriarchal doctrines", by Gwynne Dyer. "I must protest" said panellist Alice Shalvi of Israel women's network, "there is no conception of the veil in Judaism." The article attributed these furious protests to the strong tendency in the West to scapegoat Islam for practices that are just as much a part of the West's own cultural heritage.

The issues are as diverse as the American Muslim community scattered all over the country.

Meeting venues and forums are few and this seems to be one major deterrent to suitable marriages.

It inspires the memories of another equally disgraceful scene of Governor George Wallace of Alabama in 1962 standing in front of a school gate trying to block the entrance of black students in order to prevent the desegregation of Alabama's schools. Their cause seems to have very little sympathy either inside or outside France.

The difference between the two scenes is that the black students had the sympathy of so many people in the U. The reason is the widespread misunderstanding and fear of anything Islamic in the world today.

Laws derived from Sharia are also applied in Afghanistan, Libya and Sudan.

Sharia law is officially recognized by the justice system in Israel in matters of personal status of Muslims if they choose a Sharia court (e.g.

They are not as bound by the ticking biological clock factor and can usually (not always) find a wife when they get serious about marriage.

A young Muslim student wearing a headscarf is denied her right of education in France, while a Catholic student wearing a cross or a Jewish student wearing a skullcap is not. National Guard to force the entry of the black students.

The scene of French policemen preventing young Muslim women wearing headscarves from entering their high school is unforgettable. The Muslim girls, on the other hand, received no help from any one.

They are considered orphans and there is no term as step-parent.

Having said all of this back ground info., my question is what are the relations between us according to Shari`ah? If their birth mother wants them back though she refuses acceptance of Islam should I allow them to leave my home to live with her?