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While it there hasn't been much since the 2010 release of "Toy Story 3," it's still fun to see what he looks like now..Plus, you have a fun fact that could possibly used in a game of trivia with your friends., once again reprising his role was as jerk-next-door, Sid. So drumroll, please, because what does Erik von Detten look like in the year 2016? He’s got some sort of Paul Rudd voodoo going on here.Now we’ve gotta admit that information about him is actually very scarce.It’s clear from the lack of IMDB credits that von Detten has left Hollywood behind maybe not forever, but at least for right now.According to the Erik von Detten Facebook profile we dug up, he’s working for Rosland Capital as a broker.

This means that Erik von Detten still remains a little bit of a ~mystery~ and that means we’re swooning over him once again.As they dig into Drew's past, it is revealed he had been expelled from a private school.Best known for getting hearts pumping in the Disney movie, “Brink!The late '90s to early 2000's were some of the best years for pop culture, and namely, the Disney Channel.SEE ALSO: Remember the little boy in 'Jerry Maguire'?

Erik von detten dating now