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((*Hallelujah starts playing*)) Name: Rin Okumura Nickname: Just Rin. What is your character's greatest aspiration or desire? He was soon well known and this is where his career became bigger. Kidzworld is a safe moderated website where kids and teens can interact with one another in a kids social network.Age: Eighteen Gender: Male Sexuality: Bisexual Nationality: Full Japanese Appearance: Voice & Accent: Japanese accent ; alto Clothing- Everyday: ~Red t-shirt ~Skinny jeans ~Red sneakers Personality: List three of your character's main positive traits. Kids are encouraged to read articles about video games, music, and entertainment and provide their thoughts within our comments section.Creative Energetic Friendly List three of your character's main negative traits. Kids and teens can also use our kids chat and Forums in order to find peers with similar likes and interests.

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