Joey lawrence dating

Melissa Joan Hart returns to Lawrence says it's their on-screen connection that fans like to watch.

We've each had two successful series and the audience, more so than Hollywood, likes to see a reincarnation," Hart tells

There's really a constant evolution to it, a constant ebb and flow to it, and I think if you go into it knowing you're going to be ever evolving—the relationship today isn't necessarily the relationship you'll be having days from now—then you'd be cool. Kids are brilliant—we have two beautiful, healthy ones—but ... If the foundation is good, the communication is open, it's built on truth and honesty, and really being genuine with each other ...

Joey Lawrence and Chandie dated for around six months after getting together in earlier 2005.

They also recently started following each other on Instagram.

The couple initially met in 2006 through Joey Lawrence who was a contestant on the third season of At the time, Cheryl opened up about keeping the romance alive even through their busy schedules."Matt is very supportive and he always wants to make sure that we keep in contact and we're always on the phone making sure that everything's ok," she shared with author continues dancing while working on her cee bee fashion line available on QVC."I'm not one of those girls that's like, 'I have to be married by the time I'm 35 and I have to have six babies when I'm 38,'" she previously shared on the "Allegedly" podcast.

Joey Lawrence: If you're blessed to have found your soulmate, that's one thing, and that's fantastic.

But that doesn't mean that it doesn't take a lot of work and constant tinkering and constant compromise as new pressures come and other ones go.