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The audit has identified a vulnerability through which the hacker could get an access to e-mail addresses of our users.Regarding the character of the leak ( we are talking about email addresses only) there was no access to other information — neither passwords, nor content of the accounts (private correspondence or photos).Today, a lot of people are time-deprived and more career-oriented. Compared with internet averages, Odnoklassniki.ru's users tend to be under the age of 35, and they tend to be men earning less than ,000 who have postgraduate educations and browse from home.Kind regards, (your name) You may click End chat when you’re done here The sales agent will confirm that he/she will go ahead and start working on your removal request now.

Topface conducted an investigation of 20 million users email addresses leakage.

So let's not blame technology for everything just yet.

Mobile technology has, for better or for worse, radically changed the way we interact with each other.

Critics can lament the death of the romantic all they wish – truth is, these apps are here to stay.

Here’s why we shouldn’t be surprised: Dating Apps emulate real-life more than we think.